Due to logistical problems, it is currently not possible to ship to the UK and/or Ireland. However, it is possible to ship your order to another country.
About Fiyo

Fiyo believes people can get more out of their appliances. We want to empower you to repair, maintain and improve your appliances. It’s easy and beneficial both to you and the environment. For that we offer everything for your appliances: spare parts, accessories, maintenance products and consumables. Start to get more out of your appliances today.

Our history

Our history

Nowadays Fiyo reaches out to millions of people throughout Europe. People in need of repair, maintenance or improving their appliances. But once back in 1978 it all started in a small store in the Netherlands with the ambition to help out others with the repair of their home appliances.

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Our culture

Our culture

Our culture is important to us. We believe it’s key to be successful but also to offer our customers what they can expect from us. It’s not only towards our customers, but also internally to our colleagues. Our culture boils down to three key values. They describe who we are and what we stand for.

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Electronic garbage


Fiyo and you have an important role in taking care of our planet. Too many appliances end up on waste mountains. We as Fiyo want to empower you to repair your appliances. We also offer financial support to the Repair Cafe foundation to help you out with repairs for free. We believe we can contribute by taking matters into our own hands.

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