Our culture

Our culture is important to us. We believe it’s key to be successful and offer our customers what they can expect from us. It’s not only towards our customers, but also internally to our colleagues. Our culture boils down to three key values. They describe who we are and what we stand for.


Fiyo corporate value: Sincere

We work hard to find adequate answers and solve problems accurately.

And if we make a mistake, you can rely on Fiyo to admit and fairly repair it.


Fiyo corporate value: Smart

You’ve got it, but Fiyo can help you find it.

We continuously challenge ourselves to help you find what you’re looking for. With an extremely convenient website and capable service.


Fiyo corporate value: Sympathetic

Fiyo believes in this digital age it’s important never to forget that on both ends of every transaction there is a human being.

So we act human and help you in a way we would want to be helped ourselves.

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