Our history

Nowadays Fiyo reaches out to millions of people throughout Europe. People in need of repair, maintenance or improving their appliances. But once back in 1978 it all started in a small store in the Netherlands with the ambition to help out others with the repair of their home appliances.

The new warehouse of Fiyo

Move to new warehouse

At the end of 2019 our goods were moved to a renewed, state-of-the-art warehouse. We want to keep the promise to deliver the right product on time at your doorstep. With this highly automated warehouse system we can ensure faster delivery times, few to no mistakes and efficient use of space as our assortment is rapidly expanding. It’s a leap forward into committing to our customers and keeping our promises.

Rebranding of Fiyo

Rebranding to Fiyo

To become a brand we needed to search for unity in our European stores which were until then locally named. It also made us think about what we’re doing and especially why we’re doing it. Are we just in business to sell products or is there more to it? If we look back in our history path we’ve always tried to empower our customers to repair, maintain and upgrade their appliances themselves. That has driven us throughout our journey. So, that's what we’re set out to do. We believe you can get more out of your appliances.

Closing of last physical store of Fiyo

Last physical store closes its doors

Sometimes it’s time to say goodbye. The store that opened its doors in 1978 is closed. The online business is demanding our full focus as a company.

Fiyo expands to France, UK, Italy and Spain

Reaching out in Europe

Our European expansion continues to France, United Kingdom, Spain and Italy.

Fiyo expands to Germany and Austria

Wir sprechen Deutsch

By 2014 the company was fully grown in its current markets. The thirst for growth made us look at half an hour drive to the east, Germany (and Austria).

Fiyo expands to Belgium

First steps abroad

After a year of tasting online business the Belgian store is opened to serve the Dutch speaking people in Flanders, Belgium.

Fiyo goes digital

Ma’s service going digital

On Nov 6th in 2006 Ma’s service was ready to go digital and open the first online store in the Netherlands. The first products were sent in left-over shoeboxes from the back of the store.

Mark takes over Fiyo store

Son takes over from his dad

Son of Frans and current CEO of Fiyo Mark is ready to be an entrepreneur. He took over the stores in Weert and later Helmond, The Netherlands from his dad.

Ma's service pa's hobby

Ma’s service pa’s hobby opens its doors

Frans Looijmans opens our first physical store in Helmond, The Netherlands. It’s aimed to help out local citizens with the repairs of their appliances.

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