Fiyo and you have an important role in taking care of our planet. Too many appliances end up on waste mountains. We as Fiyo want to empower you to repair your appliances. We also offer financial support to the Repair Cafe foundation to help you out with repairs for free. We believe we can contribute by taking matters into our own hands.

Electronic garbage

Take care and repair

Electronic garbage

We as a society are in charge of securing a healthy planet and future for ourselves and generations to come. An important aspect in polluting and depleting our planet is the mining of materials for our household appliances and the electronic garbage we create when they become defected. Weekly about 10.9 Millions kilos of electronic appliances get thrown away. You as an individual can be an example and contribute to securing our future.

By repairing your appliances instead of throwing them away you contribute substantially to saving our planet. And often the repair is not as complicated as it seems. You just have to take that step and you’ll be surprised how easy it often is. And it saves you money too. So, leave behind the throw-away economy by taking care of your appliances.

Repair with help of Repair Café

The role of Fiyo

Repair with help of Repair Café

As Fiyo we want to empower you to do it yourself and extend the life of your appliances. Not only by repairing your appliances when broken, but also by taking care of them to ensure they don’t get broken at all. We offer help by sharing insights via our blog and Youtube channel and try to make spare parts easily accessible via our store. By this we already saved over 3 Million appliances from ending up on our garbage dumps.

Fiyo is a proud partner of the Repair Café foundation. The foundation sets up local meetings to help you repair your appliances. The foundation and Fiyo share the same goals. If you are hesitant about repairing yourself visit them and their volunteers can help you out by fixing it for free.

So, start taking care. With Fiyo you've got it.

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