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Actifry: For Endless Culinary Possibilities

Cooking with an Actifry fryer isn't what you'd expect. As a healthier option, you aren't just limited to deep frying chips quickly and conveniently. As virtually an oil-free fryer, the Actifry range can be used in a variety of ways. Come home and whip up some chicken, breaded chops, or even seafood. Even vegetables can be prepared, with stuffed peppers, fried cauliflower, or courgette slices: anything is possible. The most adventurous in the kitchen even use their Actifry fryer for things like brioches, pizzas and pastries.

What Are The Advantages Of An Oil-Free Fryer?

Although - as mentioned above - the culinary possibilities are endless, of course, you can still prep your favourite fried treats like chips and fries. However, these can now be prepared with less than 3% fat. Use only one tablespoon of oil for your whole basket of fries, as well as boasting all the benefits below;

  • Preserve the natural flavours of your food

  • Keep nasty frying smells out of the appartment

  • Easy to clean: less oil means less fat to have to scrape away. There is no need to change the oil regularly, with the lack of oil meaning the fryer components are dishwasher safe

  • More vitamins: 30% more vitamins are preserved compared to pan frying, as well as saving valuable Omega 3 and Omega 6 acids

  • Quick cooking: unlike other fryers and conventional ovens, no pre-heating is needed

  • Safer: the quantities of heated oil or fat is much more minimal, and this means a much safer option that a traditional deep fryer

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