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Belt Sander Spares and Accessories

Your Belt Sander

Here at Fiyo, we're all about fixing things yourself! But, to complete this DIY, you need the right tools to get the job done, crafting your home just the way you want it.

The belt sander is the big, powerful tool of the sanding world. Not many tools can help you complete your task as much as this sander can. However, they can also make pretty quick work of wreaking havoc on your project. Making sure you know how to use the machine is crucial, but with this comes knowing what parts and accessories are essential to your tool, as well as knowing how to maintain the tool's performance.

The Multitool

Use Good Technique

Don’t push down on the sander: it’s important to let the machine’s weight do the work. Make sure to go slowly, and overlap passes, allowing the tool to go past the end without dipping. Also, ensure you don’t tip the sander, and don't change speed or direction. A handy tip is also to put the cord over your shoulder, then it’s out of your way and you’re free to work.

As a multi-use tool, belt sanders are generally used for trimming to a scribed line, sanding rough surfaces, leveling surfaces, or sometimes even freehand rounding and shaping. These machines have a lot of power, therefore can handle coarse grits, making rapid work of removing wood.

The Right Belts

Unlike their cousins - orbital and vibrating sanders - the belt sander's action is linear, meaning that you can sand with the grain, even with the coarse grits.

The most important part you must consider is the type of belt you use, particularly in relation to your project. For belt sanders, you will find grits coarser than 50-grit can leave very deep scratches, which prove difficult to remove.

Aluminium oxide is the traditional grit material, mostly used with both less expensive belts that are karkhi colour, and are generally used as disposable belts, but also for the dark brown, more premium option that are a lot longer lasting.

Our advice is to do your research before jumping into buying a belt. It's important to get the right one for your projects, otherwise you may cost yourself time, and unnecessary work. Or worse, you may wreck your work, and nobody wants that.

Check out our selection of belts here:

A Handy Tip

It’s hard to keep a belt sander from gouging or rounding over the edge of boards, that’s why we recommend for you to complete sanding the board before cutting the wood to its final length.

The Best Upgrade

If you love your machine, and want to upgrade it to make working with it as easy and productive as possible, it’s good to research what accessories are a good investment.

For us, we think a good form of dust collection can make working with your belt sander 10 times better. Not only is this a better option for your health (less dust in the air to inhale), it means you will have less tidying to do. With a good dust extractor, you won’t have to regularly empty the built in dust bag. But what’s more, you’ll have less fine dust getting into the air, and spreading around the house, ergo less cleaning up after a long day working.

Spare Parts and Accessories for Your Belt Sander

Hopefully we are able to help you find the correct part or accessory for your machine to help you get on your with DIY projects and work.

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