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Fiyo UK blog

  • Signs that your microwave is breaking down

    The microwave is one of the most used appliances in the kitchen, it makes life easier, faster and simpler. In it we can quickly cook or reheat our meals without the need to make more pots and utensils dirty. We advise you not to ignore the following problems that...
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  • Air fryer 101

    We are in a time marked by the large amount of information available, we have access to publications, studies and new discoveries that bring us up to date with current events and trends in food and of them; the air fryers. Although these devices appeared in 2005, in...
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  • Refractory stone for #Pizza lovers

    Pizza is a very important dish of Italian food and despite the fact that there are many variations in the ingredients and cooking methods, we always try  to reach the original recipe prepared by hand and in wood-fired ovens. This is how refractory stone for conventional and electric ovens appears...
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