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  • Have You Been Storing Your Eggs All Wrong?

    The problem of where to store eggs is not new but it's definitely something people take seriously, especially since no one has completely recovered from the Salmonella scare of 1991. Recently, there was widespread concern about Salmonella-infected eggs being imported from the Netherland. Some people put their eggs in the...
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  • 5 ways you are damaging your washing machine.

    The average life expectancy of the washing machine is 11 years, manufacturers say you should be able to get 10 years out of your washing machine. Although most of us replace our home appliances after about 8 years, mainly because of wear and tear, we could get more out of...
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  • Tea v Coffee

    Popularity In 2014, United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization suggested that the world drinks about six billion cups of tea a day. However, as of 2016, it was reported that Brits consume more than seventy million cups of coffee every day. Coffee has become more popular than tea worldwide...
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