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7 Benefits to Washing Up By Hand

So we're not going to tell you to kick your dishwasher to the kerb and start religiously washing up by hand. But, even though a dreaded chore that needs doing, washing up by hand also has several surprising benefits you may not be aware of.

1 : Reducing Stress

Can you believe that researchers at Florida State University have discovered that washing dishes is linked with mindfulness.

Due to the fact that you're focusing on the present actions, washing up actually takes just enough concentration to keep you paying attention to the present, instead of stressing about other worries.

What's more, this mindfulness has been linked to a whole host of benefits like; improved well being, reduced stress levels, and even strengthening the immune system.

2 : Time To Relax

Paired with reducing your stress, completing the dishes can also allow you to relax. While ticking off a chore from the list of things to do, the sense of productivity and achievement felt with the completion of the task can definitely help relax your mind. All while clearing the huge pile of dirty pots, pans and plates that have stacked up during the day.

What's more, if you can believe, washing up has even been suggested to create a similar relaxed mood to that of the atmosphere of a spa, with the soothing, warm scented, soapy water.

3 : Reducing Allergies

Moving away from mood and mental wellness, washing the dishes can also have physical health benefits. A study published by Pediatrics indicated there can be benefits to our immune systems from getting a little dirty.

Today, it's suspected the cause for an increase in children who have allergies is because their surroundings are too clean. With this, it's suggested that families that wash up by hand are less likely to have allergies by building up tolerances from an early age.

Now, if that's not a reason to get your kids helping out with cleaning up after dinner, then what is?

4 : Stronger Immune System

Maybe a stronger immune system? Not only can washing up by hand help with allergies, it can also give a great boost to general health and wellness.

Being exposed to microbes - especially for the youngens - will allow a tolerance to build, therefore helping the immune system fend off any nasties.

5 : Gaining Life skills

The final reason that can help the younger generation is gaining valuable life skills.

Most will not be fortunate to have a dishwasher in their first home after moving out of the family house, so it's vital they know how to properly clean their kitchen utensils and cooking equipment.

What's more, the regime of the daily chore can teach discipline, as well as giving a feeling of accomplishment when completing the task.

6 : Saving Water

It's usually considered that dishwashers are the economic pros when it comes to saving water, and although this is true in most cases, if you're clever about how you wash up, you can actually save more water by doing the chore by hand.

Take these tips to try and reduce your water usage while washing up;

  • Boil the kettle to fill the sink, topping up with cold water to avoid scolding yourself. This can help fill your sink quicker, especially if your water takes a long time to heat up and you often find yourself running the tap to wait for the water to reach an appropriate temperature before you start filling your bowl.

  • With this, try to run the tap as little as possible. Only use it to rinse items, and make sure it's switched off in between doing this to avoid wasting water.

Better For Delicate Items

Last but not least, washing up by hand can help preserve a few of your kitchen items. Take care of your delicate china and glassware by washing it up by hand. The dishwasher can be hazardous to these kinds of items.

Even more, for plastic items, the heat from the machine can cause early wear and tear, deteriorating items like chopping boards and plastic containers quicker than when washing by hand.

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