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Old Kärcher Pressure Washer? You'll need the Adapter M!

Owners of Kärcher pressure washers manufactured before 2010 may want to take note of this. The bayonet attachment of Kärcher lances and nozzle lances have been improved. But because of this, new attachments will no longer fit the older pressure washer guns. Kärcher offers a special new adapter, the Adapter M, to help fit these pressure washer accessories.

New attachments won't fit your Kärcher pressure washer

Kärcher is always innovating their products and making sure you can get the most out of your pressure washer. Improved performance, but also better attachments that withstand higher pressure and will endure longer. This is why the bayonet attachment has been updated. Kärcher pressure washers newer than 2010 have all been designed to fit these attachments perfectly, but older models won't fit as well.

Adapter-M for KärcherBut don't worry, Kärcher has created a perfect solution for your loyal, trusty pressure washer. The Adapter-M is now made available at through our partnership with Kärcher. It will ensure everything fits fine again!

Which models require this adapter?

Simply put: if you have an old spray gun (specifically the spray gun types M, 96, 97) and you want to attach a new spray lance, you'll need the adapter. But we can fully understand you may not know what model spray gun is on your pressure washer.
The following three types of pressure washer guns require the new Karcher Adapter M:

Kärcher spray guns that require the Adapter M

Moreover, the Adapter M is required when using the following lances with a pressure washer pistol before the year 2010:

Pressure Washer Lance Type


Product number

VP 120 Vario Power Lance (K 2/3 series)



VP 145 Vario Power Lance (K 4/5 series)



VP 180 Vario Power Lance (K 6/7 series)



DB 120 Nozzle Lance (K 2/3 series)



DB 145 Nozzle Lance (K 4/5 series)



DB 180 Nozzle Lance (K 6/7 series)



This type of spray gun does not require the adapter

The new Adapter M is not required on the following type of pressure washer gun:
This type of spray gun does not require Adapter-M

  • Roger Moore

    I have a very old Karcher pressure hose . It bears the Karcher name and the code 530 M. A label on the side refers to 530 M H and it also bears the No 517440. A friend has had the loan of it for a few years and has just returned it, It no longer seems to have a hose to connect it to the water supply!! There is a white threaded connection to which I believe was screwed the hose to connect it to the water supply. The friend does not recall any such hose and says he connected it via his garden hose. I can't see how!! Please can you help or suggest what part may be missing?