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The Microwave Glass Plate is Useless and other Myths

A microwave is a kitchen appliance which heats and cooks food using non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation in the microwave frequency range. It cooks and heats food by passing microwave radiation through it, the water molecules and other substances in the food absorb this radiation and vibrate, as they vibrate, they produce heat, and TADA YOUR FOOD IS COOKED!

The Microwave Turntable/ Glass Plate

The microwave turntable isn't just a plate which you place food on, it is actually very important. When food is being cooked in the microwave, the turntable helps to make sure that the food is cooked evenly by countering the effects of the 'hot and cold spots' in the microwave. Most microwaves have fans inside to help disperse the waves to make sure there are no hot and cold spots so that the heat is spread evenly. The glass plate works in the same way, it rotates the food so that all the portions come in contact with the parts of the microwave which are hotter, therefore cooking the food evenly. Next time you try to make some porridge or even cheat and make some jacket potatoes (in the microwave instead of using the oven as you are supposed to) without the 'glass plate', you will be very disappointed and maybe we will all show some appreciation for the glass plate.

It also acts as a 'matching load' which basically means that it sits there to occupy space so that it can absorb some of the energy which is being generated in the microwave. This is necessary because the stuff we put in the microwave is often not large enough and the microwave generates more heat than is needed to cook the food. Without the turntable or 'Glass Plate', a lot of the energy generated in the microwave will be redirected back towards the magnetron and this can damage the microwave. This is why the glass plate sometimes feels so hot after using the microwave.

Nevertheless, the microwave glass trays, are not everlasting, they wear and tear too, sometimes you will notice a small crack in the plate and this is simply because of overexposure to heat. It is always good to check your microwave and replace any parts which are damaged or worn out.

At, we have several spare parts for your microwave including but not limited to;


1. Putting metal in the microwave causes explosions

Some Truth

There are microwaves with metal trays, manufacturers will not produce these if they weren't safe. Metals are good conductors of energy and they are even used in cooking to speed up the process. Because metals are excellent at their job, conducting electricity, they are dangerous when in a microwave because they have nothing to transfer the energy to and so will cause sparks to fly, literally! Especially pointy metal objects, such as forks. Just be safe and avoid putting cutlery, aluminium and tin foils which are the materials of some Chinese containers and even some ready made meals you get from supermarkets.


2. Microwave radiation causes cancer

False. We would all have cancer if they did. Microwaves use non-ionising electromagnetic radiation which means that they do not have enough radiation to cause cancer. Microwaves are as harmful as sunlight, an electric heater and even the radio. The human race is safe yet.

3. Microwaves turn food into poison

There is no evidence of this but if you find out something concerning this, then please, share your findings with us.

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