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The Pre-Holiday Checklist

A holiday is all fun with pina coladas in the sun until you remember all the food you forgot to take out of the fridge which will probably be rotting away. Not to mention all the cleaning you will be forced to do when you get back. This is why a pre-holiday checklist is necessary to prompt you to finish those tasks you will otherwise forget.


So, you arrive at the airport and you are just about to check in, then you find out your passport is no longer valid. A few months before you plan to leave, you have to make sure you have all the documents you will need for your holiday.

  1. Valid travelling documents i.e. passport or ID card
  2. Medication and Sunscreen.
  3. Inform the bank.
  4. Set mobile phone to roaming.
  5. Write down/Add emergency contacts to mobile phone.
  6. Write down holiday details including details of accommodation.

Pack the bags.

The best feeling in the world is coming back from a trip to Greece with the perfect tan and a clean and tidy house. Make sure your home is clean and tidy before you leave. This will be done after the mad rush of packing the luggage, especially if you are taking kids with you. While packing, don't forget to include all your shavers and other personal care items. Make sure you put away all the clothes in the drawers and wardrobes to prevent dust from settling on them.

The Big Clean.

When you have finished packing, make sure you wash up any dirty laundry. When your laundry is done, make sure to leave your washing machine door open to prevent the smell of mould and mildew. If you are going away for more than two weeks, empty your refrigerator of any food and defrost it. If you are going on a short holiday of a few days, it is still advisable to take out the fresh food and either give it to friends and family or chuck it in the bin. If fresh food is left in the refrigerator, expect it to be bad by the time you get back. Clean up any dirt and dust before you leave and if you have a robot vacuum cleaner, you can program it to keep your floor clean and dust free while you are away.

  • The laundry is done and put away.
  • The washing machine door has been open.
  • The refrigerator is clean and empty.
  • The vacuuming is done.

Before closing up the house.

  • Are all the lights are turned off?
  • Did you unplug any electronic devices?
  • Did you take the trash out?

Safe Journey!