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3 Essential Power Tools for DIY Projects

Some people say that a job is not done unless it is done by their own hands. It could be true if we were still in the neanderthal era when a rock and a tree trunk were more than enough tools, but those Neanderthals didn't have to build cute bird's nests for their little girls or work on remodelling the shed into the ultimate chill zone. For some DIY projects, a power tool is a necessity in order to finish those small home projects quickly, with precision and without feeling like you participated in the hunger games or some sort of gladiator sport.

Safety First

Follow the manufacturer's guide, always.

General description of Power tools

The basic definition of a power tool is a tool which is operated by an additional power source other than manual labour such as electric, hydraulics or mechanic power. They come in two categories; stationary and portable. The stationary ones will usually be fastened to a work surface and these are usually the bulkier power tools and they often have the advantage of speed and precision. However, the portable tools, which are hand held are smaller in comparison and are better for mobility, you can easily move about the house with them.

Top 3 Tools

1. Circular Saw

Circular saw

These beasts will cut through a stack of wood in no time which gives them an edge over hand saws. This is a power tool with disc-like blades which spin in a circular motion to cut through wood, metal and even plastic. It can be used for cutting up wood for picture frames, a coat hanger, that cute bird nest we talked about, and even shelves for mounting stuff around the house. The circular saw blades are designed specifically for the material they will be used to cut. If you are on the lookout for parts and accessories for your circular saw, we have you covered. We have saw blades, cutting wheels, guide rails, batteries and chargers and even dust extractors

2. Drill

After cutting your pieces of wood for the shelves, the picture frames and the bird's nest, you will need to put them together and mount them somehow and the drill is the power tool for you. Unless you are up for boring holes at the pace of a snail, the drill is one of the most essential power tools out there, depending on your skill level and your DIY needs you will find a drill for you, whether it is a cordless drill, a hammer drill, an impact drill or a drill press. You can use a drill to bore holes and fasten nails and screws and, with the right attachments, the drill can be used in the place of the sander for sanding and smoothing. the drill can work for every material you can ever think of using for your DIY home projects, all you have to do is find the correct drill bit for your drill and you are good to go.This is where you are in luck because we have a drill bit, spare parts, and accessories for every drilling equipment you have.

3. Reciprocating Saw

reciprocating saw

The Handy Man's Tip

Cut at an angle, to cut faster through thick material.

The best tool for remodelling, the reciprocating saw which is also known as a Sawzall(as in Saws All - saws everything), is used to cut openings in metal, wood and even PVC. The shape of the reciprocating saw is ideal for; reaching those hard to reach angles in the house, when cutting through walls to place wiring, changing PVC pipes, fitting a window and even cutting down a tree or branch which is getting in the way of the rays of sunshine. Fiyo has a variety of saw blades which are compatible with Bosch, Black 7 Decker, DeWalt, Makita reciprocating saws.