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Tea v Coffee


In 2014, United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization suggested that the world drinks about six billion cups of tea a day. However, as of 2016, it was reported that Brits consume more than seventy million cups of coffee every day. Coffee has become more popular than tea worldwide, and we are at a point where there is even a UK Coffee Week which runs from 11 - 17 of April. This rise in coffee consumption could be because a lot of people are spending time commuting and it is easier to pick up a coffee while on the go.

It used to be believed that depending on where you lived, you would automatically prefer a certain drink, for example, Americans allegedly drink more coffee than tea, Brits drink more tea than coffee, and the rest of the Europeans drink beer. But with the sales of coffee rising this stereotype has been disapproved over and over again in the last five years. that being said, tea is still more popular than coffee in Asia. The consumption of tea has dropped since 2010 and this change could be due to the rise in popularity of coffee shop chains like Starbucks, Costa etc. The rise in popularity of coffee machines is a direct result of people consuming more coffee and deciding to continue doing so in the comfort of their homes.

Which do you prefer ...


There is no proof that a lot of people are consuming coffee instead of tea because of its perceived benefits.

The most common benefit of coffee is that coffee is good for a boost in the morning but black tea also has caffeine and can be a good pick me up in the morning. However, a cup of black tea will have half the amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. So, in regards to the better energy booster, coffee wins. Nevertheless, Tea can be soothing after a stressful day, there is nothing as calming as a cup of tea after a difficult day.

There used to be widespread rumours that coffee causes cancer and it was even on the WHO's International Agency for Research on Cancer's list of suspected carcinogens but studies have shown that coffee might prevent Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. Teas can also help to stave off Alzheimer's disease and some teas contain antioxidants, especially green tea, these chemicals can limit cell damage and boost the immune system.