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Have You Been Storing Your Eggs All Wrong?

The problem of where to store eggs is not new but it's definitely something people take seriously, especially since no one has completely recovered from the Salmonella scare of 1991. Recently, there was widespread concern about Salmonella-infected eggs being imported from the Netherland. Some people put their eggs in the fridge and others think it is best stored at room temperature. If eggs are not meant to be stored in the fridge then why do refrigerators have egg rack?

The British Egg Information Service says that keeping eggs in the fridge will keep it cool and avoid temperature fluctuations. Experts at the University Bristol's School of Veterinary say that if an egg is contaminated with salmonella, leaving it at room temperature will only cause the salmonella to multiply. However, there have been studies done on the presence of Salmonella in UK-produced eggs and they concluded that the presence is so minimal it might as well be nonexistent because the hens are vaccinated against salmonella. The only problem with salmonella infested eggs are when you buy imported eggs, for example in America, they have to store their eggs in the refrigerator because they wash their eggs in a chemical solution which takes off a thin layer off the shell making the eggs a little bit more vulnerable to bacteria infestation.

People who are against storing eggs in the refrigerator claim that the cool temperature ruins the flavour of the eggs and makes it harder for the eggs to mix well with other ingredients during baking. Some people are absolutely sold on storing eggs in the fridge and the real problem for them is whether to store the eggs on the plastic rack on the fridge door or in the main body of the fridge. Because, as the door is constantly being opened and closed, the temperature is always changing and can cause the eggs to go off quicker.

To conclude, there are no real dangers to your health if you don't store your eggs in the fridge. But, it will help keep your eggs fresher for a little bit longer than keeping them at room temperature. When in doubt, always look out for storage recommendations on the packaging.