This Monday, Easter Monday, we are unfortunately closed. This means our phonelines and e-mails will not be answered that day. It also means there may be minor delays in shipping your orders.

Customer Service

Nearly all year round our Customer Service employees are there for you, but unfortunately we won’t be this Monday. This means that if you have certain product requests or questions, unfortunately you will have to wait a day before receiving an answer. As of Tuesday, 3 April all our employees will be back in office and fully committed to you. We ask for your understanding.

Delays in shipping

We at Fiyo understand that in some cases, you simply need your product as soon as possible. Which is why even during the Easter weekend our warehouse employees are busy preparing all orders for shipping. But because our shipping services also celebrate the holiday weekend, we ask you to take into account there will be a day’s worth of delay on some orders.

Happy Easter!

At Fiyo we hope you’ll enjoy a wonderful and sunny Easter weekend. Take care of yourself and your appliances, and we’ll be at your service as usual again come Tuesday, 3rd of April!

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