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Let's introduce our employee of the month: Anneke from customer service

Each month, one of our employees receives the coveted Fiyo Award. All month long our coworkers have the opportunity to nominate someone for the award. We present you each monthly winner. This time: Anneke, from our customer service department!

Fiyo medewerker van de maand

Hi there Anneke, congratulations on the award! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

“Hi, my name is Anneke and I am 27 years old. I’ve lived and worked in Tenerife for 8 years and returned to the Netherlands last year. I like to exercise and like to spend my weekends doing fun things with friends. If I ever win the lottery, I will mostly go travelling.”

How long have you been with Fiyo and what is it exactly what you do?

“I’ve been active at Fiyo’s customer service since January 2018. I was specifically looking for a job that allowed me to use my knowledge of the Spanish language. I answer customer phone calls for the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and occasionally Germany or UK. I also answer and process e-mails and return requests and I assist our customers via live chat or on the phone.”

Why do you think your coworkers nominated you for the award?

“I get along great with all my coworkers. I’m close with everyone and really click with them. I can be very serious when it is necessary but I’m always game for a laugh. That is probably why people voted for me.”

How do you experience working at Fiyo?

“I feel very much in place at Fiyo. I like working here a lot. I really enjoy helping customers and consider it a great advantage that I can continue to practice on my Spanish. I also have great coworkers and we go out for drinks together quite often.”

Since working at Fiyo, have you replaced any parts at home?

“I haven’t done any repairs myself, but I do look at type number plates more often. If I hadn’t started working at Fiyo I would have never known how many separate parts for appliances are available. Now I often say to friends and family: ‘If something breaks in your kitchen, just give me a call!'”

What are your favourite products in our webshop?

“I don’t have a favourite product per se, but I do notice that many of our Spanish customers order
bottle racks for their refrigerators, haha!”

If you could be the boss at Fiyo for a day, what would you do?

“More Friday drinks!”

What is your motto?

“"Los lugares adonde fuiste se convierten en parte de ti." It means: the places where you’ve been, make you the person you are now. That perfectly describes me.”

Do you have a Fiyo related anecdote to share with us?

“I can’t say I have an anecdote, but the nicest part of the job really is helping our customers. I once helped someone figure out how to order and that person subsequently left a wonderful review on our Facebook page. Those moments really make you appreciate what you do!”