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How can you prevent your Kärcher pressure washer breaking down

We're reaching the final days of the summertime. To make the most of those final rays of sunshine it helps if your garden is in tip top shape. One of the more helpful tools for this task is your pressure washer. Of course sometimes the pressure washer does not function perfectly after a longer period of not being used. To find out why your pressure washer is acting up, it matters to know a thing or two about maintenance and proper use. So continue to read all our tips and tricks below for your Kärcher!

Did you know that using a pressure washer can save you a lot of money and water? A garden hose with 4 bar pressure uses about 3500 liters of water per hour. A pressure washer with 100 bar uses about 400 liters per hour. The water is also much more concentrated which gives you better cleaning results.

5 tips to get you started

For starters, it's useful to learn how a pressure washer functions and what are its main components. A pressure washer has three main parts: the pump, the motor and the lance with its accessories. The pump handles the amount of water and pressure. The motor drives the pump. The lance and different attachments give you control over the way the water comes out of the appliance. It allows for you to adjust the water beam strength and more. Problems with the pump, motor and lance could be caused by:

  • Water shortage. Tip: always turn the water tap wide open when you hook up the pressure washer.

  • Warm water. Never use warm water. The motor and the capacitor could get overheated. When you use warm water, the engine gets warmer, which could cause damage or even could make it break down. For the same reason it's wise to prevent leaving the pressure washer in direct sunlight for too long.

  • Sand. Always make sure there is no sand on the hose. If sand ends up inside the pump, it will act like sand paper and cause damage. The same obviously goes for sand on the lance or switch.

  • Agressive detergent Never use an aggressive detergent and make to cleanse the appliance after use. Do you want to make sure you're using the right type of detergent? Then click here.

  • Extension cord Do you use an extension cord? Then always make sure to unroll the reel completely. If the power cord is still rolled up the resistance is higher and it will cause heat within the wire.

Advanced tips to enjoy your pressure washer het fullest.

To properly maintain your pressure washer and best use the appliance, we have some more useful tips for you below.

  • The impact of the water is highest close to the nozzle. This means that tough dirt can be best cleansed from a short distance, but surfaces that are only mildly soiled or vulnerable can be better cleaned from a bigger distance.

  • Moss not only consists of a thick layer on your tiles but also nestles itself inside the seems and pores of the stone material. It is therefore preferable to use the dirt blaster on moss and algae. Looking for the right dirt blaster for your Kärcher? Just click here.

  • Your pressure washer can do much more than remove moss and dirt with the dirt blaster. You can thoroughly clean your patio, wash your car or caravan. Did you know we have special Kärcher brushes and accessories for each of these tasks? These brushes help you to clean several surfaces much more easily.

  • When you're done using the pressure washer it's important to properly store the appliance. If stored in the shed or garage during winter, the water inside the pressure washer could get frozen and at the end the appliance will be damaged. Especially the coupling and the gasket handle a tough winter poorly. Make sure to get the water out before storing and if need be, use some antifreeze.

With Fiyo you've got it!

Are you looking for a specific part for your pressure washer, but you're not sure it will fit? Make sure to check the Type Number to verify that the product will fit your specific model. The Type Number plate of a pressure washer looks like this:

Karcher type number plate

Were you able to find the Type Number? Then just enter it into the search field at and the webshop will display all parts, accessories and maintenance products for your Kärcher pressure washer.