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How to replace the vacuum cleaner bag and filter

Although plenty of people consider it one of the simplest tasks in their household, we still receive a lot of questions about this: How to replace the vacuum cleaner bag and filter? We’ll explain this and more below in about five minutes.

How to replace the vacuum cleaner bag and filter?

Various preparations

  • Always make sure the appliance is not connected to the electricity. Remove the plug from the socket.

  • Open the top lid of your vacuum cleaner. Usually it has a wide button that will make it click open. Commonly you will find this at the front side (near the handle) or the back side of your vacuum cleaner. When in doubt: check your manual.

Replacing the vacuum cleaner bag

Each vacuum cleaner bag is kept in a special holder inside your vacuum cleaner.

  • Pull out the old, full bag and dispose of it. Mind you: some bags have a trash part and a part that can be recycled. Dispose these accordingly (vacuum cleaner bags generally are allowed in regular trash).

  • Slide the new vacuum cleaner bag in the bag holder. Each holder has specific pins and slides to keep the bag in place during use. So make sure to carefully watch how the old one was fitted in there and don’t be too rough when placing the new one.

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Replacing your vacuum cleaner filter

Behind the vacuum cleaner bag you will find a small grid with a filter in it. You can open this to reach the filter.

  • Remove the dirty filter from the grid.

  • Most filters have a universal size, but in many cases they are larger than necessary, so in this case you must cut them down to size fitting the appliance. However, to increase the chances of the filter adjusting to your appliance, buying a filter from the same manufacturer may be a good option.

  • Place the new filter in the filter grid and close it up.
    Note: Some types of vacuum cleaners have multiple filter sections, for instance, another one on top. Make sure to replace this filter as well.

  • Dispose of the old filter, this should be fine in your trash bin.

  • Close the big lid of your vacuum cleaner.

Many vacuum cleaners these days are equipped with a so-called HEPA-filter. This special filter catches a lot more particulate air particles than the traditional filter, which means this is better for our health. You can also order special HEPA-filters in our webshop!

Your vacuum cleaner is ready for use.

At Fiyo, we offer vacuum cleaner bags and filters for nearly all brands, types and models. Obviously we won’t have vacuum cleaner bags for bagless vacuum cleaners, but the above instructions also do not apply to this type of vacuum cleaner.

Tip: Does your vacuum cleaner smell when you switch it on? Always check first if the bag is full or the filter is clogged up. You can replace those following the above steps. Even a partially full vacuum cleaner bag could be smelly and can and should be replaced. It is advisable to remove any dust residue from the cleaner itself and spray disinfectant detergent into the vacuum cleaner. This gets rid of mold and bacteria that can cause the smells to return later on.