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Introduction to vacuum cleaning

We all know vacuum cleaners and have used them, but we don't go further to understand how it works and help it perform better. Here are the basics you need to know to operate your vacuum.


vacuum cleaner


Read the manual

The manuals contain important information on the warranty and details of the vacuum cleaner, as well as instructions for use and safety measures. Many of them seem trivial but it is always good to remember them and also learn if our device needs any special care and above all to understand the parts it has and the maintenance they require.


Remove Clogs

Every time you finish using the vacuum, check for obstructions in the hose and tube to ensure the vacuum is not losing its suction power or overworking the motor.


Replace the bag or empty the dust canister

There are vacuum cleaners that accumulate dust in a bag and others in a container. To know when it is time to change the dust bag you can keep an eye on the level of suction of the vacuum cleaner, if you notice that it has decreased it is probably time to change it, or in the case of the container, empty it. It is not recommended to wait until it is very full, we advise you to change the bags when they are at 3/4 of their capacity.


Clean or change the filters

The frequency of cleaning or changing filters will depend largely on what type of surface you are cleaning and how often you use the vacuum cleaner, but surely in the manual you will find the recommendations of the brand regarding how often they should be cleaned or changed. Check the filters to verify their condition following the instructions in the manual, there are many varieties of filters and all require different care, so we recommend that you read the instructions carefully.


Detangling brushes

When vacuuming, the brushes, especially the rotating brushes, drag hairs and fibers that are on the surface, when they accumulate the brush loses effectiveness and can also be damaged. To clean it, you can use small precision scissors and carefully cut the tangled hairs. It is important to go slow to avoid cutting the brush fibers.

Use the right setting and attachments 

All included accessories are designed to facilitate vacuuming of different surfaces, such as carpets, wooden floors, corners of car seats, etc. In addition to the accessory you must choose the correct configuration for the type of surface, that is, the level of suction necessary to catch the dirt. The idea is that the vacuum cleaner works in the right measure, it is not necessary to always be working at maximum power to achieve good results.


Pre clean the areas

It is important to quickly check the surfaces before vacuuming as some elements could damage the vacuum cleaner, for example very large pieces of glass can cut the bag or damage the hose, coffee residues can cause obstructions.

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