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Kärcher high pressure cleaner

The convenience of a high-pressure cleaner

The reason you have ever chosen a high-pressure cleaner is of course to make it a lot easier for yourself at home or at work. A high-pressure cleaner can have a lot of power, with a power of up to approximately 180 bar. The dirt disappears like snow in the sun. A high-pressure cleaner is multifunctional and at the same time super easy to use. You only need to connect the electricity and water and you can get started right away! Because it is so easy to use, it often saves you quite some time.


high pressure cleaner


When do you use the high-pressure cleaner the most often

In the spring and autumn you will use the high-pressure cleaner most often to clean your terrace, in addition, the device is of course also handy to use when cleaning your car. Although previous depends on which model you have exactly. In the autumn, make sure that all the water is out of the hose, pistol grip or lance. If done correctly, you won't have any problems in the spring.


Not frost resistant

In case there is still water left behind and you put it away in the autumn because you won’t need it until the spring, you take the risk that in the winter at cold temperatures (frost) the water freezes with result that parts can break. Unfortunately it can never be completely prevented. Fortunately we can offer the solution at Fiyo!

From pistol grip to rim wash brush, from steering head to drain connection kits, we've got it for you!

Time for a new hose

However, you should pay extra attention when purchasing a new hoseBecause there are so many different models of high-pressure cleaners within Kärcher, it is good to know that not all parts are suitable for every model. A few years ago, Kärcher decided to produce the hoses in a different way so that they are always suitable for the new models. Because of this decision, there is an effect on the older devices.

high pressure cleaner

Quick Connect Set

No hose would be suitable anymore because the couplings and connections differ from each other, so you’ll have to buy a Quick Connect Set for the older models. With this set you get a new pistol grip / hose and coupling piece, so you can still fit it on your older high-pressure cleaner. The new hoses unfortunately do not fit the old pistol grips. Kärcher has composed 3 Quick Connect Sets for this, the difference is only in the length of the hose and the price. It is a set with a hose of 4 meters, 7.5 meters and 12 meters. The correct set or other part can be found using the type number (machine number).