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Natural products to clean your appliances

There are many reasons to use natural products in home cleaning; sustainability, convenience, health, minimalism, etc. Whatever the reason, more and more people are using these products that you probably have on hand in your pantry or in your kitchen, you can go for it too!


natural products to clean


Use lemon to clean the microwave

Citrus fruits are excellent for removing grease from your microwave. For this cleaning recipe you will need a glass container, water and a lemon. Pour a cup of water in the container, cut ⅔ of the lemon into slices and put them in the water, use the remaining ⅓ of the lemon to squeeze its juice into the container.

Heat the mixture in the microwave on high power level for 3 minutes or until the liquid vaporizes, let it sit for a few minutes to moisten the inside of the microwave, and then carefully remove the container. Now it only remains to clean the internal surfaces of the microwave with a soft cloth or a non-abrasive sponge.


Cleaning a grill with coffee?

Yes, with coffee! The acidity of the coffee will be your best ally when cleaning a grill full of grease.

First prepare coffee in your coffee pot (enough quantity), put the grill in a container where it can lie flat, pour the coffee on the grill and let it soak in the container for at least an hour. Next, remove the grill from the container, brush off debris, and rinse with warm water.


Stainless steel; alcohol = cleaning / olive oil = shine

Alcohol can be an excellent stainless steel cleaner by removing water stains and disinfecting surfaces. Use a microfiber towel dipped in alcohol to clean the stainless steel of refrigerator doors, electric kettles, ovens, range hoods, you name it!

Olive oil, in addition to being an excellent food, will help you to leave your stainless steel appliances shiny as new, you just have to apply a few drops of olive oil on a cotton ball and gently pass it over the stainless steel surfaces, voila!


No more stains on your iron

If your iron has left stains on clothes, it may have accumulated residue that is transferring to your clean clothes each time you iron. To remove the residue you will need salt and a piece of paper. Sprinkle a little of the salt on the paper and iron over them at medium heat, wait until the iron is cool, then wipe it clean with a soft cloth.


Freshen up vacuum bags

It is understood that the vacuum cleaner should help make the house cleaner and smell better, not worse! but it all depends on what you are vacuuming and it is being stored in the vacuum bags and filters.

In addition to regularly cleaning the filters according to your manufacturer's instructions, you can put natural deodorants in your vacuum cleaner bags. One way is by including baking soda on the surfaces that you clean such as the sofa and mattresses, the baking soda will remain in the bags trapping bad odors, you can also add to the vacuum cleaner bag a few drops of essential oils such as pine, lemon, orange, lavender or tee tree oil, whichever you like the most!


We hope you like these tips and help you keep your devices in the best condition!

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