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Air fryer 101

We are in a time marked by the large amount of information available, we have access to publications, studies and new discoveries that bring us up to date with current events and trends in food and of them; the air fryers.

Although these devices appeared in 2005, in recent years they have been improved and more required, in part, due to the boom of fitness influencers who recommend the air fryer to achieve healthier results when cooking food and without much effort.


Air fryer


What is an air fryer?

It is an appliance that cooks food through high temperature air flows, achieving results similar to those of deep fryers but without using so much oil. Obviously, you cannot expect to achieve exactly the same crunchiness as cooking by frying, but making a balance between benefits and results, the air fryer seems to be a good alternative for those who decide to change their eating habits.

It could also be defined as a mixture between a fryer and an oven, it allows you to obtain food with a medium crunchy texture but with less fat than a fry, and although its way of cooking is similar to that of a conventional oven, it consumes less energy, since it transmits heat by convection.


Advantages of an air fryer

Less fat; reduces the amount of oil used for cooking by 80% to 100%. This variation depends on the consumer who can opt for 0% to 20% oil. These devices usually include a spoon with measures for the oil but you can also use spray oil.

Easy to clean; Thanks to its non-stick surface and that it uses less oil in cooking, cleaning is easier, you only have to worry about cleaning the food remains with a damp cloth so that they do not generate bacteria. It is always recommended to read the manual and follow the manufacturer's cleaning advice to keep your appliance in the best condition.

Time saving; the air fryers come with a timer option and automatic shutdown for different types of food that require different cooking times such as; meats, vegetables, fish, frozen foods, etc. If you are a person with little time, who has to perform several tasks at the same time, this device and its technology will help you achieve that productivity.

Technology; The latest models include new functions that make them more versatile, such as the option of dehydrating food, cooking in more than one chamber, and some come with racks for pizzas and other preparations that you can make simultaneously.


At Fiyo we have a large number of parts available to keep your air fryer in perfect condition. If the handle is broken or you want to replace the container, go to our page and enter the model of your device to find the right part. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact us through the chat, we will be happy to help you find the part compatible with your model.

We hope that this information is useful to you and if you are looking for more, in our blog we share cleaning tips, maintenance and many useful information related to electrical appliances and spare parts. Until next time!