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Signs that your microwave is breaking down

The microwave is one of the most used appliances in the kitchen, it makes life easier, faster and simpler. In it we can quickly cook or reheat our meals without the need to make more pots and utensils dirty.

We advise you not to ignore the following problems that may arise in the operation of your microwave since, in the long run, they could mean very expensive damages for the repair of your appliance, or even worse, generate a fire in your house.



Smells like burnt

We all know the smell of burning, if we identify this smell coming from the microwave and there is also smoke accompanying the situation, it is time to move quickly, turn off the appliance and unplug it to avoid a fire.

Then we can check what happened;

  • The burning smell may come from food that has become too dry and has started to burn
  • Sparks; maybe we made the mistake of putting dishes with metal edges or a packaging with aluminum, or we left a spoon inside a cup...
  • And the worst case scenario (when there are no obvious reasons) it could be an electrical failure so we should stop using the device and immediately call a technician to help us identify where the fault comes from and repair it.



The door does not close completely

As important as avoiding a fire, it is to avoid radiation emitted by the microwave that could cause health damage.

If the door does not close completely, it is better not to start the appliance and check if there is any remaining food preventing it from closing or perhaps a screw that has been misplaced. You should also check the condition of the door, maybe it is damaged and requires a change.


The display or buttons are not working properly

If your microwave display flickers it may just be a temporary circuit board issue that can be reset by unplugging and plugging the microwave back in or it could be an electrical issue, which as we've seen above could lead to sparks and a bigger problem.

This also applies to buttons that have been damaged over time or misuse, may be stuck, broken, or not respond to touch, leaving microwave functions disabled.




Abnormal sounds

Sometimes we misplace the turntable of the microwave and immediately feel a "crack" that does not correspond to the normal "hummm" of the microwave while heating food.

However, if the sound is strong like a metallic type of noise or a crack, which does not come from the wrongly placed turntable, it is necessary to check if there are any electrical or motor problems and do not continue using the device until you are sure that there is no danger of overheating.


Do you clean food scraps daily?

The microwave makes everything so easy for us that we sometimes forget that it requires a little attention. The food residues that are left daily harden each time we operate the microwave and become increasingly difficult to remove. In the long term, these residues could damage the door, burn the walls or even hinder the circulation of air inside the microwave, deteriorating the optimal performance of this appliance.


The microwave heats food less or more than normal

If food is heated unevenly it could be a sign that your microwave is not working properly. It is important first to check that the microwave power is well determined, that the dishes used do not have special heat resistance characteristics and that the food is microwaveable to avoid spontaneous food explosions or burning when taking the containers.

If you notice that the food is getting too hot in a short time or not heating up as quickly as usual, it could be a problem with the magnetron or circuit board, requiring the assistance of a technician.




We hope that this information is useful to you and if you are looking for more, in our blog we share cleaning tips, maintenance and many useful information related to electrical appliances and spare parts. 

If you need help, do not hesitate to contact us through the Fiyo chat, we will be happy to help you find the part compatible with your model. Until next time!