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Should I repair my hoover or buy a new one?

Like any other household appliance, a hoover doesn't last forever. Frequent use can cause certain parts to break or wear out. It could also be the case that technology has caught up with the hoover and better, smarter and more economical models have appeared on the market. The lifespan of a hoover is difficult to determine and depends on a number of factors. In particular, the number of hours you use the hoover determines its lifespan. The way you use it also affects its lifespan. For example, do you use the hoover for domestic use or professionally? In addition, it obviously matters a lot how you handle the appliance.

The suction power of my hoover is decreasing!

The maintenance of your hoover also determines its lifespan. The filter or several filters may need to be replaced. If the filter is very dirty, the suction power will deteriorate rapidly and the motor will overheat and lose power. The hoover may also give off unpleasant odours if the filter is very dirty. This is why it’s important to change the filters regularly and on time. Especially with bagless hoovers, it is very important to change and/or clean the filters on time. With bagged hoovers, the type of dust bag determines the suction power. Nowadays, almost all hoover bags are made of microfibre, which is of much better quality than the traditional paper bags. As a result, less dust remains in your hoover while the suction remains powerful.

Help! There's something in the hose of my hoover!

You can check whether the hose is really the problem by removing it from the hoover, and then checking the suction power by turning on the appliance. If the power is okay, there is definitely a blockage in the hose, pistol grip or in the bend of the suction nozzle.

So when is it a good idea to fix your hoover?

Several reasons can be found for the consideration of repairing or replacing the hoover. You may find your different options below:

The hose is broken. (easy to repair)

A worn or broken hoover hose is no reason to panic. It is often very easy to replace, sometimes complete with pistol grip and sometimes only as a repair hose where you can transfer the pistol grip. The pistol grip is often available separately, and easy to replace.

The nozzle is worn out. (easy to repair)

It goes without saying that with use of the hoover, the nozzle will show wear and tear. The brush nozzle is easy to replace and comes in different forms; as a regular nozzle, combination nozzle, parquet brush, turbo nozzle, smooth floor nozzle, mop nozzle and many others.

The wheels of the hoover are no longer turning. (easy to repair)

Are the wheels of the hoover no longer turning properly? If so, there may be hairs or other junk stuck between the wheels. Try cleaning the wheels and cut off any stuck hairs or detach the wheels completely. Spray them with silicone spray so they can rotate smoothly again.

If all this fails, the wheels can be bought separately from Fiyo, and they can easily be replaced.

The cord of the hoover no longer rolls up. (relatively easy to repair)

Is the cord of your hoover no longer coiling properly? Something may be stuck or there may be a knot in the cord. Pull the cord all the way out, check the cord and clean it. Do not pull too hard, or you might damage the connection to the spool on the retractor. Sometimes it helps to spray some silicone spray on the spindle of the coil mechanism. If all of this fails to fix it, you can replace the complete cord reel.

The hoover suddenly stops working. (relatively easy to repair)

If the hoover suddenly stops working, the motor may have overheated. This can happen if there is a blockage somewhere or something other than regular household waste has been sucked up, such as water or another liquid.

Did you know that the manufacturer's instruction manual for your hoover states that you should not suck up construction dust?
In fact, construction dust is so thin that it passes through the bag and filter and goes directly into the engine.

A hoover's motor is protected and shuts down automatically when the temperature gets too high. Unplug it and let the hoover cool down. Check if there is a blockage (or the vacuum bag is full). If that is the case, once the hoover has cooled down, it will go back to work as usual.


Repairing your hoover should always be the 1st option. Parts and accessories are usually readily available and it’s definitely worth it to look into this first. Not only for the environment but also for your wallet.

If you do decide to buy a new hoover, do some research into which one is right for you.