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The most common problems and repairs for your washing machine: a guide to diy repairs

Washing machines are important household appliances, and it is not uncommon that certain problems can arise from time to time. Here is a list of the most common breakdowns, problems and related repairs you can make. 

My washing machine is leaking or is indicating that there’s a leak:

  • When your washing machine detects a leak, it may give the following error messages:
    • Siemens / Bosch: E23 or E35
    • Miele: Malfunction waterproof
    • Samsung: LE, E9 or E11
    • Beko: EF3
    • LG: AE
    • AEG: E30, E13 or C3
    • Zanussi: C3, F3, EF0 or EF3
    • AEG: EF0.

An error code immediately seems very serious but is often caused by too much soap in the machine, possibly causing soapy water to leak onto the bottom plate. The machine then thinks water is leaking and stops. The solution is to unplug the machine. Tilt the machine back slightly to allow the water to drain away. Wait a day until everything is dry again to solve this issue.

A real leak is usually caused by a leaking drain pump or a faulty hose in the machine.

My washing machine won't start:

This could be caused by a failed door lock or an interrupted power supply. Check with another appliance to see if there is power coming from the socket. Check if the door of your washing machine is closed properly. If the door does not close, this could be caused by a faulty door switch or a faulty closing hook.

Help! My washing machine shakes a lot!

This is also known as an imbalance during spinning. This imbalance can be caused by overloading the machine or by a deformed drum. It could also be that the machine is not level or that the shock absorbers no longer function properly.

Water supply error message:

  • When there is a problem with your washing machine's water supply, it can give different error messages. Below are the error messages for each brand:
    • Samsung: 4E, E1, E3, OE, E05 or 4C
    • AEG: E10, E11 C1 of F1
    • Miele: F10, F22 or F220
    • Bosch / Siemens: F1 or E05
    • Beko: C1
    • LG: IE
    • Whirlpool: FH Zanussi: C1 or E10

How do I solve my washing machine's water supply problem?

Check whether the tap is open properly, there is no blockage in the hose or whether the water stopper on the hose is working properly. Sometimes the problem is caused by the water pressure. You check this by turning on or off other taps in your house and then restarting the washing machine.

Water discharge error message:

  • A washing machine naturally has a water inlet as well as a water outlet. If there is a problem with your washing machine's water outlet, your washing machine may give different types of error messages. Below are the error messages per brand:
    • AEG: EF0, EFO, E20, C2, or F02
    • Samsung: 5E, E2
    • Miele: F11
    • Beko: EF20 or EF1
    • Bosch / Siemens: E6, E18, E36, F03, F18 or E06
    • LG: OE
    • Whirlpool: FP
    • Zanussi: C2 or E20

How do I solve my washing machine's water drainage problem?

The cause of an error message associated with a water drainage problem could be a clogged drain. Check the washer's filter (it's behind the front flap) and check the drain pump for proper operation.

Motor error message:

  • If your washing machine turns on but the drum of your washing machine does not rotate then there could be a problem with the motor that drives the drum. Your washing machine will show an error message. Below are the error messages associated with a problem with your washing machine motor per brand:
    • Samsung: 3E or 3C
    • LG: LE
    • AEG: C9, CA, E50, E51, E53, E54, E55, E56, E57, E58, E59 or E52
    • Miele: F50
    • Beko: CA
    • Indesit: F02, F05, F06 or F11
    • Bosch / Siemens: F04, F05, F11, F12, F15 or E10
    • Zanussi: C9 or E50

How do I fix my washing machine's motor problem?

Check whether the drum is not too full. Try running the washing machine's programme without washing for a while. Is the drum not spinning at all but you can still hear the washing machine's motor? Then the washing machine's V-belt may be broken. It could also be that the washing machine motor's carbon brushes are worn out and need to be replaced. (Note, not every washing machine motor has carbon brushes these days)

In most cases, you can fix these problems yourself by replacing parts such as a water pump, V-belt, carbon brush, heating element or door lock. At Fiyo, you can find and order the right parts for most washing machines of many different brands and models.