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How to maintain your shaver, clippers and beard trimmer: tips for perfect grooming!

It is very important to clean your shaver, clipper or beard trimmer regularly to be able to enjoy it for as long as possible. Of course, how often you use it depends on how fast your hair grows. With heavy beard growth, you might need to shave more often than once a day, while with less hair growth, maybe only twice a week will do. A clean device will keep performing optimally and is better for your skin, as a dirty device can become a source of bacteria and other filth.

You can simply rinse waterproof devices under the tap with lukewarm water and let them dry. Avoid causing any damage and do not use a towel. Separate attachments of a beard trimmer, hair clipper and nose hair trimmer can also be rinsed with lukewarm water and left to dry. Even if the device is "self-cleaning" or if you have an automatic cleaning station, it is advised to give it an extra cleaning every once in a while.
Refills for your cleaning station are available at Fiyo, such as shaver cleaning cartridges or the much-bought Philips CC16-50 cleaning cartridge 6-pack.

It is recommended to take the shaver head apart for a more thorough cleaning of your shaver. That way, you can easily remove residual hairs and dirt. This also helps the razor's blades last longer. Take note: make sure the appliance is switched off before you start cleaning..

Whether you have a shaver with a blade system (like Braun) or a head system (like Philips), in both cases you can remove the top. With a head system, you can remove the blade from the shaver and brush it well so that all the hair is removed. Don't forget to rinse it under the tap as well.

Cleaning brushes are available from us by clicking the following links:
Philips cleaning brush (brush, bristle brush)
Panasonic cleaning brush (brush, bristle brush)

If you have a shaver with a blade system (like Braun) or a head system (like Philips), you can remove the top on both. With a head system, you can detach the blade and brush it well or rinse it clean under the tap.
Take note: with a blade system, it is recommended not to use a brush to avoid damage.

Make sure that all parts dry thoroughly before reassembling the appliance. Over time, the blades will become more blunt. Depending on use and quality, this will be between 1 and 2 years. Then it is time to replace the shaver head, blade and/or shaving head. These parts are available from us on our shaving blades and shaving heads page.

To thoroughly clean your clippers, first remove the cutting blade. Clean the blade with a brush and gently remove remaining hairs and dirt.

You can often loosen the knife, but be careful to do this gently so you don't cut yourself. Rinse the blade under running water. Also don't forget the inside of the device, where hairs are often left behind. Clean this with a brush or a toothbrush.
Let everything dry thoroughly before reassembling the device.

It is important to add a drop of oil every now and then to ensure the blades glide easily.
For this, use Wahl oil for clippers WO3320, for example.

If you are looking for new blades, attachment combs or other parts, we can also help you with that.
View all parts and accessories for hair clippers

When it comes to maintaining your beard trimmer, basically the same rules apply as for clippers. Some models you can rinse under the tap, while others are best cleaned with a brush. It is important to lubricate your device regularly to prolong its life. By using a drop of oil, the blades of your trimmer move much more smoothly and are much more effective.
Take note: using too much oil can be harmful to your machine's engine.