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Shaver parts and accessories: optimise your shaving experience with fiyo

When it comes to looking after your shaver, it is essential to use the right parts and accessories for the best performance. At Fiyo, we understand the importance of high-quality shaver parts and offer a wide range of products to suit all your needs.

Let's take a look at some frequently asked questions about shaver parts and accessories:

What is the difference between a razor blade with blade, shaving heads and just the razor blade?

The foil and blade work together and are subject to wear. We always recommend replacing the foil and blade block together for the best performance.

However, there is an exception: in rare cases, you can only replace the foil if the shaver blade is broken or damaged.

In newer shavers, shaving heads are often available where the shaving blade and the blade block are incorporated into one integrated part. This ensures that both parts always work perfectly together for a superior shaving experience.

How long does a foil and blade block last?

The foil and blade block are precision parts that are subject to wear. The lifespan of these parts depends on your shaving method and beard type. It is important to check the razor blade for visible damage, dents and wear before each use.

The blade block does not wear itself out and will also wear down over time, making it blunt. For optimal shaving performance, it is advisable to replace these parts when they are worn out. With proper maintenance and average shaving use, it is recommended to replace the foil and blade block at least every 18 months.

Can I interchange parts with other models?

While some parts may fit multiple shavers, other parts are designed for specific models. Therefore, we do not recommend exchanging parts between different models. Using incorrect parts may result in damage to your shaver.

For best results and to prolong the life of your shaver, it is important to use compatible parts.

However, certain shavers can benefit from improvements in parts during their lifetime. For example, Braun's Series 7 shaver now uses OptiFoil™, while older models may use Smart Foil™.

How do I replace the shaver parts?

For older models where the razor blade and the blade block are separate parts, replace them in two steps: first, remove the razor blade by pressing the button or by gently pulling the razor blade. Next, turn the blade block 90 degrees and pull it off, holding it at the ends to avoid touching the blades.
To fit the new parts, follow the same procedure in reverse order.

At Fiyo, we understand that maintaining your shaver is vital for an efficient and comfortable shaving experience. That's why we offer a wide range of top-quality shaver parts and accessories.

Whether you need a shaving blade, blade block, shaving head or other parts such as the holder, charger or attachment, you can trust Fiyo to have the right products for your shaver. Extend the life of your shaver and enjoy a flawless shaving experience with high-quality parts from Fiyo.