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New Year, New Appliance Goals: A Year-Round Maintenance Plan

The new year is an excellent opportunity to set both personal and household goals. A valuable resolution is to meticulously maintain your appliances. This leads to a longer lifespan, helps save costs and energy. Here is a monthly overview for maintaining your key household appliances, with specific focus points and frequently replaced parts.

January - The Great Winter Check:

  • Check all appliances for safety and proper operation. Special attention to heating devices and water pipes against frost damage.

February - Laundry and Dishwashing Month:

March - Spring Cleaning:

  • Oven: Check for correct temperature and even heating of elements. Clean the baking tray or oven grill thoroughly or replace them if they are no longer cleanable.

April - Refrigerator and Freezer Focus Time:

May - Preparing for Summer Heat:

June - Outdoor Equipment Check:

  • Lawn Mower/Gardening Tools: Ensure blades are sharp and the motor is functioning well. Replace blades, spark plugs or batteries if needed.

July & August - Quiet Months:

  • Vacation mode on! This is a good time for a general check-up and minor repairs.

September - Back to School/Work:

  • Office Equipment: Ensure updates and virus checks. For printers, check for paper jams and print quality. Replace ink cartridges or print heads if necessary.

October - Heating Systems:

  • Check for even heating and listen for unusual sounds. Replace filters or thermostats if needed.

November - Holiday Preparations:

December - Year-End Closure:

  • Reflect on the past year. Which appliances have you revived or even improved?

By paying attention to the maintenance of your appliances throughout the year, you ensure a more efficient, safer, and cost-saving household. A little maintenance can go a long way in extending the lifespan of your appliances. Let this new year be a year of smart, sustainable choices for you and your household appliances! At Fiyo, we believe in the power of maintenance. Visit our website for parts, tips, and tricks to keep your appliances in top condition!