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Vacuum Cleaner Attachments for the Trickiest Corners and Behind the Heater

Cleaning hard-to-reach places in your home, like behind the heater or between narrow crevices, can be quite a challenge. But with the right tools, this task becomes much easier. Today, we dive into the world of two innovative vacuum cleaner attachments that promise to simplify cleaning these tricky spots.

Universal flexible hose with attachment brush for vacuum cleaners

The first product we'll discuss is the Universal flexible hose with attachment brush for vacuum cleaners. What makes this attachment so special is its funnel-shaped connection, ensuring it fits nearly every vacuum cleaner, including standard sizes of ⌀ 32 and 35 mm. It is specially designed to reach difficult-to-access areas, such as behind radiators and other narrow spaces. The included attachment brush aids in loosening dust and dirt, making it easy to vacuum up. This attachment is ideal for a thorough cleaning where traditional vacuum cleaner nozzles fall short.

Crevice tool including adapter for vacuum cleaners

The second product is the Crevice nozzle, also known as crevice tool or skirting board vacuum, from AEG. This original AEG attachment (with article number 9009229627) is a true solution for cleaning behind washing machines, the heater, or even in the car. With an impressive length of 630 mm and the flexibility to bend around corners, this attachment effortlessly reaches the most inaccessible places. The crevice tool comes with an adapter that ensures compatibility with 32/35 mm connections, allowing the attachment to be connected to various vacuum cleaner models.

Why choose these attachments?

Using these specific attachments offers multiple benefits. Firstly, they ensure a deeper and more effective cleaning of your home by removing dust and dirt in places that would otherwise remain untouched. Additionally, they save a significant amount of time since you no longer need to manually clean these difficult spots. Lastly, they contribute to a healthier living environment by reducing the amount of dust in the house, which is especially beneficial for people with allergies.
Whether you choose the flexible hose with attachment brush from Easyfiks or the Crevice tool from AEG, both options will be a valuable addition to your cleaning arsenal. They are the perfect tools for anyone who takes a thorough cleaning of their home seriously and accepts no less. With these attachments, vacuuming behind the heater or between car seats becomes a breeze.