Due to logistical problems, it is currently not possible to ship to the UK and/or Ireland. However, it is possible to ship your order to another country.

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All brands, all components

The employees of continually strive to provide the largest and most complete assortment of household appliances. That of course includes a wide range of brands. We are constantly updating our stock with new brands to offer our customers. If you require a component to repair your home appliance but are unable to find the brand you require, we will try our best to locate it and deliver it as quickly as possible.

As good as new

Our main aim is to ensure your appliance is functioning again as soon as possible. Therefore, you can find above the brands we can supply all the standard parts for. Select the brand of your appliance and quickly find the right part for your domestic appliance. Should it fail to find the brand or item, then we will, of course, love to help you. Therefore please contact us, and send us the make and model of the appliance.