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You've got it

Fiyo is the only website to go to for the most complete range of products for the repair, maintenance and use of your appliances in and around the house. We provide just the right products for you to use, install and replace by yourself. Get the best out of your appliances!

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Together with Fiyo

By properly maintaining, repairing and upgrading your appliances, you're helping to extend their lifespan and purposes and, as a bonus, you will save time and money. Who knows, you just might surprise yourself and enjoy tinkering about.
Fiyo believes everyone can do it.

A foundation of expertise

Fiyo started in 1978 as a local parts store. With expertise, we helped customers who came into our store with problems they might've had with their appliances. In 2006, we launched our website which has been quite successful.

We help you to do it yourself

With over 940,000 satisfied customers, in 2014, we decided it was time for a brand new webshop. An online shop which provides a stress-free shopping experience to our customers by making it easy for the customer to find the specific spare part, accessory or maintenance product suitable to their needs. Even though Fiyo is now in a huge warehouse, our philosophy of helping customers with their problems hasn't changed. It is embedded in the hearts of every employee.

What we stand for:

With over 10.000.000 products, our goal is very clear: All for your appliance. We have an extensive product range which covers several brands and appliances and we will continue to expand the product assortment. Whether it is finding spare parts, accessories and/or maintenance products for your appliances, we've got you covered. Also, there are a lot of products which haven't been placed online yet, so, if you are finding it a little difficult to find the product you need, feel free to contact us here.

We understand the importance of fast delivery to our customers. When you place an order, obviously it is because you need the items for your device as soon as possible which is absolutely understandable. That's why we deliver quickly. All orders completed (order placed and payment received) before 5.00 PM will be dispatched on the same day.

Fiyo is all about you, the customer. We work hard to make sure that you have an amazing shopping experience, from making our website easy to navigate, to delivering your orders quickly and also resolving any issues and complaints promptly. Our customer service is always on hand to help you.


We also have a wide range of parts and accessories for companies. This included food and catering businesses, industrial appliances, laundromats, industrial kitchens and many others. Go ahead and check out our product range, see what Fiyo can do for you.

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