Due to logistical problems, it is currently not possible to ship to the UK and/or Ireland. However, it is possible to ship your order to another country.

All products sold by Fiyo are high-quality products. Despite our high standards, it might happen that a product breaks. Therefore, we offer you a 6 months warranty. This means that the product received should do what you can expect it to do. In other words: the product should work properly and it should be complete. Some products also have a manufacturer’s warranty. You will find the duration and the conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty in the instruction manual.

When can I claim warranty?

If your product breaks within the warranty period, you will be able to claim warranty. The warranty is not applicable if one of the following aspects applies:

  • The product is a consumer good,
  • The product shows signs of wear or it is worn,
  • You have not ordered the product yourself but you bought it via a third party,
  • The warranty period of 6 months or the manufacturer’s warranty period expired,
  • The defect is a result of incorrect, negligent or improper use,
  • You ordered a part that is not suitable for your appliance,
  • You installed the product incorrectly or it broke during the installation.

We understand that it can be troublesome that your product broke. Therefore, we made the warranty process as simple as possible. By clicking the link below, you can register your product for warranty. When you click the button, the return form will open. There, you can fill in the information needed.

What happens after I claimed warranty by filling in the form?

After receiving your warranty claim, we will check if your claim fulfils the conditions of the warranty. Therefore, it is important that the claim is as clear and as complete as possible. Please take care of these aspects and include all the necessary information such as photos of the type plate of your device and of the product itself. If your claim complies with the requirements, we will send you an email to inform you. Furthermore, we will directly dispatch the same product as replacement. In most cases, we will ask you to return the defect or broken product. This procedure is for free when you follow the steps described above.

Do I get warranty on the new product?

If the product breaks within the warranty period (and if it complies with the conditions), we will send you a new product. You won’t get warranty on the new product but the old warranty still applies for the new product. For example: If you order a new vacuum cleaner hose on 1st February with a 6 months warranty and this part breaks on 1st May while using it correctly, it will be covered by the warranty. Then, we will immediately send a new hose to you. On this new hose, the warranty period will be the remaining time of the warranty period which is, in this case, 2 months.