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Everything For Your Garden

Your garden: the slice of peace you get after coming home from the bustling streets. It's floral smells and pretty colours gently soothing us, returning us back to nature from our modern lives. Whether you relax in your garden from getting for hands dirty, or just enjoying the peace and tranquility, every garden needs a certain amouth of care to maintain the harmony. Like all aspects of our lives, we now have an appliance that can help us with any job we face, our gardening tools and appliances being some of the important. Imagine still having to cut the grass with a push along mower? Or sheering your garden bush in the summer when it's over grown all by hand? Most of us are only lucky to have the two days at the weekend off from work, so why would we want to give ourselves tiresome work on the days we want to rest? That's why your garden appliances matter.

Gardening Equipment Spare Parts

We at understand the annoyance when you need to get a job done, then suddenly you discover the tools and appliances you need aren't working. We have strived to aprroach many manufacturers to expand our selection of gardening appliances, just for you. This means, we not only have a large selection of parts, but also with dealing directly with manufacturers, we can offer these parts at the lowest prices.

We Are Happy To Help

If you are having any trouble diagnosing what's wrong with your machine and what parts you need, or are unsure about anything, then we are here to help. You can get in touch with us via our contact form where a member of customer service can get back to you via email. ALternatively, to speak to customer service directly, free phone us on 02 03 69 59 84 1, and we can solve this problem together.

Our Service

Ordering with us here at ensures you can get your garden appliances back up and running sooner rather than later. Place your order before 7.30pm today and we'll make sure your parcel is dispatched before the end of the day, getting your delivery to you as quickly as possible.

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