Nespresso Krups Knob (Coffee) ms-0039153

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Suitable for
  • Krups
  • Nespresso
Brand Type Number Serie
Product specifications
Properties Coffee
SKU MS0039153
Manufacturing number(s) MS-0039153
Package content 1 Piece
Compatible with XN2000AU, XN200010, XN200040, XN2001, XN200110, XN200140, XN2005, XN2005AU, XN200510, XN200540, XN200610, XN2007, XN200710, XN200740, XN2008, XN2008AU, XN200810, XN200840, XN2009, XN2009AU, XN200910, XN200940, XN2100, XN210010, XN210040, XN210110, XN210140, XN2105, XN2105AU, XN210510, XN210540, XN210610, XN210640, XN2107, XN210710, XN210740, XN2120, XN212010, XN212510, XN214010, Krups Essenza
Manufacturer Nespresso
Device brand Krups, Nespresso
Additional information Krups Nespresso Essenza
Device names Coffee machine, coffe-maker, coffeemaker
Product group Parts and Accessories
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