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Orbital Sander Spare Parts and Accessories

All Orbital Sander Brands (from A - Z)
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Useful Tips

- Read the manufacturer's guide before use.
- Allow the orbital sander to do the work.
- Always wear safety goggles.
- Wear a mask for protection against debris/dust.

Your Orbital Sander: Ultra-smooth Sanding

An orbital sander is the not a very popular tool but that's only because sanding wood is not the average homeowner's favourite DIY activity. However, if you need that extra finishing and rounding over smooth edges, the orbital sander is the power tool for you. This machine is lightweight, flexible and will give you impeccable finish on your sanding jobs. You can use it as a polisher, paints and blemishes will disappear like snow in the sun..

Orbital Sander v Belt Sander

The difference between the orbital sander and other sanding machines such as the belt sander and the random orbit sander can be confusing. What you need to know is, the belt sander is all aggression and speed, and you will use it for those tough tasks like sanding very rough surfaces. The random orbit sander is a hybrid of the orbital sander and the belt sander, its versatility is why it is often preferred to the two mentioned above.

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