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Manufacturer of Whirlpool / Bauknecht thermostats bankrupt

April 7 2016

Important update for customers looking for refridgerator or freezer thermostats: Whirlpool/Bauknecht can no longer deliver their original thermostats, because the manufacturer, Atea, has gone bankrupt.

For the majority of thermostats we can offer a fair alternative, thermostats from the brand Ranco. Although they were manufactured by a different company. it is on a technical level a nearly identical part to the original thermostat from your appliance. The main difference is that the contact points are located differently, which means the thermostat is not a perfect fit to your thermostat casing in your fridge or freezer. You can easily, however, install this thermostat using seperately delivered AMP plugs. These plugs can be attached to the cable with a plier and then you can connect the contact points by number. Although less technically experienced customers might consider this a difficult task, it really takes very little work or skill. will, in the near future, publish instructional photographs and a video of how to perform this small repair.

As a partner of Whirlpool we are discussing a better and more permanent solution with them. In the meantime you can contact the Whirlpool Consumer Service Number: 0344 815 8989. Click here to find out the opening hours.

The alternative thermostats are readily available through, and delivery times have not changed. If you order the alternative Ranco thermostat, we will add the AMP plugs for free (just don't forget to check the checkbox).

We apologise for any inconvenience this situation may cause.

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