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How To Fix A Noisy Dishwasher

Fix a Noisy Dishwasher

Is your dishwasher giving you a headache? Obviously, your machine is going to make a certain amount of noise. However, excessive or unusual noise can be an indication that something is wrong. It could be due to a number of things:

  • A defective pump could be the problem. The pump's job is to pressurize the spray arms and drain water. It's situated at the bottom of the dishwasher, and will usually consist of two separate compartments: one for wash and circulation, and another for drainage. If the pump is broken, or has become clogged with small parts like seeds, bits of solid food, or glass, then this can cause a lot of damage as well as noise. This indicates the pump should be replaces to ensure your machine functions properly, isn't damaged any more, as well as reducing the noise.

  • It could also be the fault of either the wash arm bearing ring, the spray arm seal, or old valves. Worn valves can cause irregular flow of water by shaking the hoses. This can easily be solved by replacing the valve. The wash arm and spray arm seal are plastic rings that support the wash/spray arms while the arms rotate on them. Over time, these can become worn and loose, which then causes the arms not to function properly. Replace them if necessary.

  • With this, the spray and wash arms need to be able to turn freely, without any obstruction. If they are blocked, then of course this can cause excessive noise. If the arms are wobbly, then this could be a cause of the centre portion of the arm being worn. This will also need replacing if damaged in any way.

  • Finally, check the motor for loose of broken plastic parts that could be attached to the shaft. While rotating, this can cause a lot of noise. If you think your motor is defective, and making awful noises, then it may be advisable to replace this component.

  • To find spare parts compatible with your specific dishwasher, you will need the model (type) number. This is usually made up of a combination of numbers and letters and can be found on the type plate which can be located on the inside of the dishwasher door, or all the way at the bottom (under the door, almost on the floor). In our shop, if you search by this number, you will be shown all the parts we have available that are suitable for your machine.

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