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How To Replace Dishwasher Loading Rack Wheels

Dishwasher: The Upper and Lower Rack

The two retractable draws of the dishwasher where you load your kitchen ware are the upper and lower rack. The lower is usually designed to house plates, pots, pans, and any other larger things, whereas the top rack is usually reserved for glasses, mugs, and other smaller items. Most dishwashers usually have a cutlery basket also.

All these components are specific to your dishwasher, but usually all are able to roll in and out with ease. For this, the racks have special cage wheels. Of course, sometimes these wheels get damaged, or break off over time. However, they are very easily replaced in just a few simple steps:

  1. Firstly, remove the entire rack from the machine. This will make it safer for you to work on the rack without doing further damage to your machine, as well as making it easier for you. To remove the rack, pull it out, then on the supporting rails, simply pull off the end stoppers that prevent the rail from sliding off. This will allow you to freely remove the rack.

  2. You will notice the wheels are attached with clips. Simply push the clips down with a skrewdriver - or other tool - to pry the wheels off safely. This will allow you to remove the old wheels.

  3. Then it is just the case of pushing the new wheel on, securely clipping it on like your old wheel was attached.

  4. Be careful not to be too forceful and break the clips, as then you will have to just repeat this whole process with new wheels.

Hopefully this will solve the problem, but if you rack is completely bent, or broken, then you can easily replace the whole rack (wheels intact). To find spare parts compatible with your specific dishwasher, you will need the model (type) number. This is usually made up of a combination of numbers and letters and can be found on the type plate which can be located on the inside of the dishwasher door, or all the way at the bottom (under the door, almost on the floor). In our shop, if you search by this number, you will be shown all the parts we have available that are suitable for your machine. Read here if you need help finding your type number.

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