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How To Replace A Dishwasher Detergent Dispenser

How To Replace A Dishwasher Detergent Dispenser

Obviously running your dishwasher withhout any soap isn't going to be effective, so if something's wrong with your dispenser, it's crucial to get it fixed. That doesn't mean you need to run to a serviceman to solve the problem (while draining your wallet at the same time). Replacing the detergent dispenser is fairly simple, and will mean you don't have to resort to doing the dishes by hand.

Follow these simple steps to see how you can replace your dispenser by yourself, and feel proud at your repairing skills.

Firstly, make sure the device is turned off and disconnected from all power sources. It is also advisable to turn off any water connections to your machine.

Repair Instructions

  • Remove the screws located on the inside of the door edge. Be careful that the door does not fall out the front.

  • Now your door exterior is loose, carefully remove the front panel and now the back of the dispenser should be visable.

  • Now remove the wiring from the soap dispenser. Then you can remove the screws that secure the dispenser. In some models, there is also a silver plate that will hold in the dispenser.

  • Once loose, you can now push the dispenser out towards the machine.

  • Unpack your new replacement dispenser and simply put it into your dishwasher by reversing the steps above. Simply replace the metal plate (if applicable to your device), tighten the dispenser's screws, replace the wiring, and then finally secure the door back on from the inside.

Now your detergent dispenser should be fully functional once again.

To find spare parts compatible with your specific dishwasher, you will need the model (type) number. This is usually made up of a combination of numbers and letters and can be found on the type plate which can be located on the inside of the dishwasher door, or all the way at the bottom (under the door, almost on the floor). In our shop, if you search by this number, you will be shown all the parts we have available that are suitable for your machine. Read here if you need help finding your type number.

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