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How To Fix A Refrigerator That Won't Respond

Broken Fridge?

Has your fridge given up and stopped cooling, even making any noises? This can be caused by several things that you may be able to diagnose and fix yourself. So don’t go running to a specialist just yet. Read on below to learn how to fix your broken fridge.

Is the light still on?

If the light is still turning on when you open the door as normal, and you can still hear a low hum then your fridge is still active, just not functioning properly. If it is simply the fridge is not cooling properly, maybe check out our other articles in our refrigerator repair guide. However, ensure to read on to eliminate any of the other causes mentioned in this article.

What if there’s no light or sound?

If you can’t hear any sound, and the light doesn’t turn on, try setting the thermostat at a lower temperature and see if this incites any life into your fridge.

If this fails to do anything, you may need to go to the power source. Make sure the outlet is still receiving energy by connecting another device to see if it works and check the condition of your fridge’s power cable and plug. If power is not being directed to this outlet, then you can check your fuse box, but if everything seems normal there, you may have to call an electrician to solve this problem. If you attempt any further self-repairs, make sure you turn off all electricity to your home to ensure no accidents.

If you are still concerned about your fridge, you can always move it to another power source to test whether it is working problem free.

If your power supply is okay, but the refrigerator still seems broken, then the cause may be something to do with the:

  • Internal wiring

  • Thermostat

  • Defrost timer

  • Compressor

Unfortunately, with the differences between different brands and models, it is difficult to go into the specifics. If these tricks have failed and your fridge is still broken, it is best to call a specialist, or at least someone more confident and familiar with electrical appliances.

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