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Tumble Dryer Repair And Maintenance

Tumble Dryer Repair Advice

Read below to find out more about the common problems that can occur with tumble dryers to understand more about how your machine works, and how you can fix it. Save yourself money and the hassle of having to book a serviceman by ordering dryer spare parts with us today.

Tumble Dryer Doesn't Start

If your tumble dryer isn't responding, refusing to work, you may lose hope and simply believe your machine is broken and needs replacing. However, read here to understand what could be causing your machine to stop working, and how you could fix it and save yourself some money from a costly repair.

27-10-2016 |

Fire Safety Advice To Take With Your Tumble Dryer

Only few people know that it is actually really important to properly, and regularly, maintain a tumble dryer. If not cleaned and maintained correctly, a tumble dryer can become a major fire hazard. Read here for the steps you should take to keep your home safe.

27-10-2016 |

How A Dryer Works

Read here to understand more about how your tumble dryer works and does its job so if something is to go wrong, you can feel more confident about identifying the problem and taking on the repair job yourself.

27-10-2016 |

WARNING: Hotpoint/Indesit Dryer Fire Risk

In 2015 it was revealed certain models of Hotpoint, Indesit, and Creda tumble dryers can actually be a serious fire risk. Read here to find out if your model is one that could be a danger, and read to find out what you should do if this is the case.

27-10-2016 |

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