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Maintenance And Safety Advice To Prevent A Fire Hazard

Tumble Dryer Safety Advice

Only few people know that it is actually really important to properly, and regularly, maintain a tumble dryer. If not cleaned and maintained correctly, a tumble dryer can become a major fire hazard. What's more, if you keep your dryer working safely and efficiently, this is more economic for your energy bills also.

If fluff and lint are left unattended in your machine to build up, this can then make its way to the heating element and then of course risk catching fire.

Follow the instructions below to resolve the issue, regularly scheduling in a cleaning of your machine to make sure it is working safely and efficiently.

Before attempting any maintenance, make sure your machine is switched off and unplugged:

  • Regular cleaning of the lint filter is a must. It's mostly recommended to do it after every use of the machine, just to keep things clear. This not only keeps lint out of your machine, but with the lint gone this means air is able to flow freely and your clothes will dry quicker, saving you energy and money.

  • Make sure to check the filter housing also. If your housing looks like fluff is beginning to collect here, then grab your vacuum and carefully give the housing a vacuum to clear any dust and lint from your machine.

  • Lastly, if your filter has any tears or holes in it, make sure you get it replaced. This is the key part that keeps lint and dust from entering your machine. Any gaps will just allow the dust straight into your dryer, and increase the danger of fire exponentially.

  • Ensure these steps above are done regularly. If not, the fluff will make its way into the drum and then into the cabinet, increasing the possibility of a fire.

Condesner Dryers

It could also be wise to take the lif off your machine and vacuuming around the inside of the device once a year. This ensures to keep the machine clear of all dust and lint that could cause a potential issue.

What's more, the fire department have also recommended not to use your dryer at night while sleeping, or run the machine while out of the house. If something occurs, these would be the times when you would be unable to rectify or alert anyone to the situation, putting yourself and your home in danger.

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