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Vacuum Cleaner Repair and Maintenance Advice

The vacuum cleaner is our trusty cleaning sidekick. As one of the best, and most valuable cleaning appliances in your home, it can be a big disaster if your vacuum starts acting up. Read below to see if you're experiencing any of these common problems, and see if our advice can help you fix the problem.

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Spare Parts

We stock a wide selection of vacuum cleaner spares and accessories for a variety of popular brands. Check out our stock here and if you place your order before 7.30pm, then we'll dispatch your order the same day.

How To Replace A Vacuum Handle and Slider Button

Learn how to replace your vacuum's pistol grip (the hose handle) and the slider release button (the clip used to release the extendable hose) with this repair article.

01-08-2016 |

How To Replace A Vacuum Caster Wheel

The caster wheel is the swivel wheel that allows your vacuum to turn and freely travel along behind you while you vacuum. If broken, obviously hoovering can become a lot more problematic. Read this article to learn how to replace your caster wheel.

01-08-2016 |

How To Fix A Broken Vacuum Cleaner That's Lost Suction

There are 5 potential causes that could mean your vacuum isn't performing at its highest performace. Read here to find out what could be causing your vacuum to lose its suction, and how to fix it.

01-08-2016 |

How To Fix A Smelly Vacuum

Your vacuum is your trusted cleaning partner, helping you leave your home fresh and clean. It can be dreadful when things start to smell sour, making the weekly chore that much more annoying. Read this article to identify the cause of the stink, and get your vacuum cleaner back to being fresh as a daisy.

01-08-2016 |

The Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Your vacuum's repair is totally dependant on the type of vacuum you have. Read this article to determine what type of vacuum you have so you can follow the repair advice correctly, allowing you to quickly get your machine fixed.

01-08-2016 |

How To Care For And Replace Vacuum Filters

There are two different types of filters, but both are replaced easily. Read here to learn how to care for and replace your filters, a vital component for your vacuum, espcially its suction power.

07-10-2016 |

How A Vacuum Cleaner Works

Learn how your vacuum cleaner works, understanding the job of each component, so when something goes wrong you're prepared to tackle it yourself, saving you money on the repair.

07-10-2016 |

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