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How To Care For And Replace Vacuum Filters

How To Care For And Replace Vacuum Filters

Vacuum cleaners all have 2 filters: one pre-motor filter, and one post motor filter. The most common reason for a vacuum cleaner to lose suction is dirty filters.

Some vacuums contain filters that need replacing often, and can only be used once, whereas some use filters that can be removed, washed, then replaced. However, both types need checking regularly, and making sure they're kept in the best condition to keep your vacuum working efficiently.

For filters that need replacing each time, order the correct filters for your model of vacuum. Then, locate where the two filters are positioned and how to access them. This information should be given in your machine's user manual. Then, simply change the filters. Some replacement filters may need measuring and cutting to fit, but replacing these filters is a simple process.

For re-usable ones, the procedure is similar. However, instead of just replacing the filters, you are able to remove, clean, and then place them back. It's recommended to wash this type of filter at least every 3 months by running the filter under cold water, either tapping the dirt out or squeezing the filter to remove the water and dirt.

Once clean, ensure you leave the filter to dry for at least 24 hours. It is best to ensure that it is bone dry, as water being pulled in to the motor can damage the component.

It's really important to keep filters very clean, not only for the functionality of your machine but also if the post-motor filter gets clogged it can cause the motor to overheat, which is both a hazard to your machine and your safety.

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