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How To Replace A Vacuum Handle and Slider Release Button

How To Fix A Broken Vacuum Cleaner Handle And Slider Clip Replacement

Handle Or Pistol Grip

The pistol grip (or the handle as most of us call it) is the curved plastic part that joins the hose with the vacuum cleaner rod, and the part most of us hold on to when vacuuming. The slider clip, or trigger, is a small slider that opens a hole into the air flow which decreases its power. Usually this is used when hoovering delicate things like running the hose over the curtains. You obviously don't want full suction in cases like this, as not to damage or pull down your curtains.

Replacing These Parts

If the pistol grip or slider is damaged, broken, or lost, it seems silly to buy a whole new machine, especially when these parts are so easy to replace. The trickiest part of these repairs is most likely taking off the pistol grip from the hose, which can be attached in various ways. Sometimes it slides off like it would to the hose, but most times it is secured more permanently. Replacing the clip for the air is also a very simple and quick task. Follow these steps below to know how to replace both these parts.

Pistol Grip:

  • At the bottom of the pistol grip, you will find on either side two (possibly hard to see/find) push buttons.

  • Press these to detach the handle from your vacuum hose.

  • Your new handle should conveniently clip back into place, as long as you've ordered the correct part compatible with your type number (click here to find out how to find your type number and why it's important when purchasing spare parts.)

  • Slide Cover Replacement

  • If the air slider is broken, or damaged, then you should be able to pry it out with a flat screw driver.

  • Simply place the scroll box (the slider clip) into position, and press it firmly into position.

  • This now should be able to slide freely and the component is replaced

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