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Repair Instruction Videos

Here at, we believe both the world and your wallet are better off when your favourite devices are given a longer, more efficient life by replacing broken parts, and upkeeping essential maintenance. We understand tht not everyone may understand the complexities of how their dishwasher or vacuum cleaner works exactly, and that is why we try our best to provide as much information and instruction on how to replace various parts and take care of your machines.

Useful Video Tutorials

This is why we've chosen to begin recording useful instructional videos, as well as producing the most accurate and useful repair advice articles, to how you can easily repair your devices. In some cases, a repair simply needs to unscrew some things, click another part in place and your device will be working like new once again. Some repairs, however, can be a lot more complex, but as long as you follow instructions, the part can be replaced in the easiest and safest way before you know it.

Can You Help?

Get in touch with us and let us know how your repair went, and whether you found these instructions to be helpful through our Facebook or our Twitter. And if you yourself have any repair or maintenance advice or tips, then also please get in touch and we can share it with the rest of our customers.

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