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Washing Machine Repair And Maintenance

A broken washing machine can turn your household upsidedown. We never realise how much we value these machines until they're not there for us, soldiering on helping us through our household chores. Suddenly, the laundry pile starts building up, kids need their uniforms, and you find your underwear drawer running low. What to do? Washing machines can also be costly to repair, and even more of a hit to the wallet to replace. Read below to find out exactly what could be wrong with your machine, and how you could repair it yourself, without having to spend a mass of money to get your clothes clean once again.

Socks In The Washing Machine

We've all had those days when we go to empty the washing machine, sort the laundry, and then realise we're missing a sock.

13-09-2016 |

How To Replace Washing Machine Bearings

Replacing the bearings for your washing machine is a big job. Get the step by step guide here to save money on a possible expensive repair cost.

29-09-2016 |

Diagnosing and Solving Detergent Dispesner Problems

The most common problem with dispenser drawers is the detergent not being released into the machine. Read this article for the solution to the problem, so your laundry can be clean and fresh once again.

13-09-2016 |

Washer Cleaning and Maintenance - Does Your Washing Machine Smell?

Washing machines can - over time - become to smell and look a little grimey. Read here to learn what to do to both prevent this from happening, as well as tips and advice to get your machine back to clean and sparkling again.

06-10-2016 |

How To Replace The Door Seal

Over time, the door seal can become worn, mishapped, mouldy, and even cause leaking. Read here to learn how to replace your door seal to secure your machine once again.

13-09-2016 |

How To Fix Leaking Washing Machine

A leaking machine can spell disaster. It is always best to stop using your washer, find the cause and solve the problem to make sure your washer works well without causing a flood.

26-09-2016 |

Fill Cycle Takes Too Long

Does your washing machine fill with only a trickle of water, taking forever? This isn't normal, so read here to diagnose the problem and learn how you can improve the running of your washing machine.

10-12-2014 |

How To Replace Carbon Brushes In A Washing Machine

The carbon brushes are a vital part to a washing machine, but in nature will wear over time and need replacing. Read here to learn how to know when your carbon brushes will need replacing, and how to replace them with the simple repair procedure, saving you money on service costs.

13-09-2016 |

How To Fix A Flooding Washing Machine

A disaster for your home, a flooding washing machine can cost lots in damage and repair. Read this article to prepare for the worst, learning how to prevent a potential flood, fix an issue that could be causing a flood, and get your washing machine back to working as normal.

13-09-2016 |

How To Fix A Washing Machine That Isn't Filling Properly

If your machine isn't filling with water properly, then read this article to determine which of the many possibilities is causing your machine to fail, and learn how to fix the problem.

13-09-2016 |

Diagnosing Washing Machine Pressure Switch Problems

The pressure switch controls the water levels of your machines, and many problems can cause if it starts to malfunction. Read here to learn all the problems that can occur and how to solve each one.

26-09-2016 |

How To Fix A Washing Machine Temperature That's Not Correct

If your machine's water temperature in the machine is not correct to the setting your have selected, then the quality of your wash could be severely effected, not to mention clothes risk being shrunk! Read here to learn how you can fix the problem and get your water temperature back to normal.

13-09-2016 |

How A Washing Machine Works

Ever wondered how your washing machine works? Read here to learn how your machine works, what part has what job, and what commonly can go wrong so you are more prepared if one day something goes wrong with your faithful laundry sidekick.

13-09-2016 |

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