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How To Diagnose The Washing Machine Dispenser Drawer and Replace The Drawer Lid

How To Diagnose The Washing Machine Dispenser Drawer and Replace The Drawer Lid

The most common problem with dispenser drawers is the detergent not being released into the machine and out of the compartment. This is usually with the middle section of the dispenser but can happen with any of the sections.

The most common cause for this is a buildup of old, gunky detergent that has clogged up the dispenser. The best way to solve this is to remove the soap drawer. lift up the syphon and simply just thoroughly wash the drawer in the sink.

Once you have done this, you can test if it's been a success by filling the compartment with water and leave it to syphon away naturally.

If the water doesn't go away naturally, then this means that the problem could actually be with the jets in the top of the dispenser drawer housing. The jets have the job of feeding the various compartments, which consists of the prewash, the main wash, and the conditioner compartment.

For the conditioner compartment (the middle section which is usually the one to stop working) to get fed water, both valves that feed the drawer water need to be on. However, the feed to the conditioner is the easiest to block as it only has a few holes compared to the other compartments which have many.

The first solution to try is to give the roof of the dispenser drawer housing a thorough clean with a scrubbing brush. This can help clean the gunk and hopefully allow the soap to be dispensed effectively.

If this doesn't work, however, the top of the dispenser drawer housing will need replacing.

How To Replace The Dispenser Drawer Housing Lid

  • To gain access to the lid, you first need to remove the top cover of the machine by undoing the two screws at the back.

  • Remove the control panel by undoing the screws that secure it into positon.

  • Now you will need to remove the bracket at the front again removing the screws at either end.

  • To remove the dispenser drawer housing you need to release the two fill hoses by undoing the clip brackets securing them on with pliers, and then remove the hose support bracket at the back. (To do this, you may need to remove the bracket that crosses the middle of the machine. This bracket supports the weight of the whole drum, so it's best to just remove 3 of the 4 screws securing it in place, and then just move it slightly back to give you a little bit more room, without removing the whole bracket.)

  • Now you should be able to remove the dispenser drawer housing and then remove the lid.

  • To do this, just pop off the tags along the sides that clip the lif onto the housing. Then all you need to do is clip the new lid onto the drawer housing.

  • Now you just need to replace all the components you removed, making sure to re-secure everything, and now your dispenser drawer should be once again working effeciently.

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