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How To Fix A Smelly Washing Machine

How To Fix A Smelly Washing Machine

A common problem for many, a smelly washing machine can actually be a result from us becoming more eco-friendly. With many turning to completing washes at lower temperatures to save energy, this can actually cause a build-up of bacteria.

But no fear! Don't go rushing to washing all your clothes at 60 degrees. There are many steps you can take to get your machine you can take to get your machine clean and fresh again, as well as keep it clean.

The first thing we advise is to get special cleaner that removes detergent build up and limescale. This can really damage your machine over time. It can also cause bacteria and smells to build up a lot quicker, so it's definitely advised to do a maintenance wash once a month with a detergent and limescale remover.

Read below on how you can first do a good, thorough clean to make your machine shine:

Firstly, you will need to tackle the main three problem areas where bacteria tend to build up and cause a stink with mould and residue. To do this, you will need a limescale and detergent remover, which you can find here:

  • Remove the detergent drawer, place into a bowl of hot water and scrub with a brush to remove the mould or any other residues.

  • The detergent drawer housing is also a place where detergent and mould can build up, affecting the performance of the jets. Using a solution of warm water and the limescale and detergent cleaner, spray the drawer housing with the solution and try using a long handled scrubbing brush to clear out the housing of any gunk.

  • It's also important to check the door seal. This area can particularly harbour mould and a build up of bacteria, especially if the seal is damaged. Again, use your solution to give the seal a thorough clean, making sure the cleaner gets into folds to remove any traces of limescale, bacteria, and mould.

  • Now refit the soap drawer into its housing unit. Now you can place your cleaner solution into the drawer as you would normally your detergent and run a hot wash. This will help give your whole machine a good clean. Again, try to do this once a month to keep your machine cleaer from anything nasty.

    What is also good to do to keep your machine fresh is to leave the drawer and the door open once a wash has finished and you've unloaded it. This way the components are able to dry, preventing bacteria and mould from growing as air will be able to circulate and moisture will evaporate.

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