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How To Fix A Noisy Spin Cycle

How To Fix A Noisy Spin Cycle

Your laundry session shouldn't be paired with a headache and a vibrating house. If your washing machine is shaking excessively, making a right racket during the spin cycle, then that's a general indication that something isn't quite right. Read below to diagnose what might be wrong with your machine, and learn how to solve the issue so you can put your feet up and relax in the peace and quiet while your clothes get clean.

The first thing to check is making sure the machine is level. If your machine rocks on an uneven surface, then the feet will need adjusting to make sure the washer stands stable while the spin cycle does its thing. Most makes and models of washers have adjustable feet at the bottom and are simple enough to adjust and make your machine level. If one of the feet is broken, again this is a component that is easily replaced to give you the quiet you deserve.

The next thing to try is to check your bearings. If you try putting your machine on an empty spin cycle and you hear a grinding noise, or if it is shaking violently, then this is a good indication that there's a problem with the bearings.

Check out our other article which goes into more depth of how to fix your machine if your bearings are malfunctioning here:

Something to take note of when doing laundry is making sure your load is balanced. One heavy towel or pair of jeans with a load of light socks and pants can cause your machine to struggle while spinning. Not only does this put more stress on the bearings as it tries to control the movement of the drum, it can shake the concrete weights free.

If the bolts securing the weights loosen, your spin cycle can become incredibly noisy. Check that the concrete weights are secure so that they can't move and make a loud racket.

When the machine contains a balanced load, the washer will be able to reach a fast and stable spin that is much more efficient for your machine, not to mention will look after it a lot better. There will always be some movement in the machine but - if balanced - the springs and dampers at the bottom will help maintain stability.

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